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Writers In The Kitchen

I like to pick up EAT MAGAZINE and read about new happenings in the foodie world, from restaurant openings to farms.

So, it came as a shock when going through the July/August 2011 issue to read of the passing of a favorite author of mine. I first became aware of Noel Richardson’s stories in the now defunct City Food magazine. I was enchanted with her descriptions of life on Ravenhill Farm. Noel also wrote several books including Life at Ravenhill Farm and Summer Delights.

We were lucky enough to have had the pleasure of meeting Noel at her farm, on Vancouver Island in Saanich, on two occasions and to have her autograph two of her books I had just bought. I treasure them even more now.

The stories are delightful and I would highly recommend them if you have not already read them. And even if you have, they are a pleasure to re-read and savor.

I will miss her stories.  The good news is the farm is still open from May 6th until August 25th, 2013 on Sundays only from 10 – 4 pm.

In one of her articles, Noel mentioned an author by the name of Laurie Colwin. Laurie wrote articles for Gourmet magazine for a number of years and I always looked forward to receiving my next edition of Gourmet so I could read her latest story. One month upon opening up my new Gourmet, instead of a new story by Laurie, there was a tribute letting readers know that she had passed away. Her stories are charming and heartwarming and she wrote a number of books that you may wish to check out, Google her name.

Both these woman left a wonderful legacy to us and they really touched me personally.

London Journal 2012

Travelling back to London for the second time in two years was a dream come true! We were absolutely smitten with London when we visited in 2010 and agreed that “we need to come back really soon!” We went for a week figuring that if we spent a week we would have no need to return. This would then allow us to be able to travel around other parts of England. Ha, Ha. Sucked in again! It’s the history, right?

My favourite “tube” station was “Baker Street”. You know, Sherlock Holmes.  Very Victorian.   We loved the nice lady’s voice on the speaker, reminding everybody to “mind the gap”. If you haven’t been on the tube, there is a space between the  cars and the platform at most stations.

Of course, our schedule, on this visit, was overly ambitious, how much can one do in a day! Here’s a few of my favourite things: Westminster Abbey (getting to hear the choir practicing, accompanied by the organ), the Victoria & Albert Museum (the GORGEOUS jewellery  (especially the beautiful hair ornament in the shape of an orchid) and the AMAZING cast courts, including a cast of Trajan’s Column), the Wallace Collection, Sir John Soane’s Museum, “Shakespeare Staging the World” at the British Museum, lunch in the Crypt at St.-Martin-In-The-Fields, a day trip to Canterbury, seeing the BBC Building just behind John Nash’s All Soul’s Church, with what appears to be champagne flutes on top of the building!, wandering around Clerkenwell in the east end was pretty neat too,  Borough Market was awsome and so were the remains of the Roman Wall near the Tower of London. We ate some pretty amazing food, more about that later and drank sparkling water from Blenheim Palace’s natural spring. Our rented flat in Chelsea was perfectly situated for access to the tube as well as the buses. A great little area with shops, restaurants and very walkable.

Don’t be surprised when I say that we still have not “seen” London! More visits are needed to the Victoria & Albert. Bermondsey Market, The Design Museum, The Geffrey, Dulwich Gallery, both Tate’s and so on. Guess this means the next time we go to the UK there will be a few days in London, then on to other places we have on our “list” like Cornwall, Devon, Bath, York, Wales, Scotland, you get the drift! It’s never ending. Where are those lottery winnings anyway?

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