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La Bella Vita Cucina Post

My good friend, Roz Corieri Paige who has a great blog called La Bella Vita Cucina, invited me to write a guest post on her website which I was absolutely delighted to do.  She has a wonderful site with recipes from her Italian American background and is a great cook!

We “met” a few years ago on social media and discovered we both have a passion for Italy and Italian cooking.  It’s a lot of fun being able to share stories and ideas with her.

Here is the link to the post and I hope you enjoy it and will share with your friends so that they can visit both of our websites and Roz’s to check out what we two are up to.

Italian Soul Food: Tomato and Zucchini Pie PLUS Roasted Tomato Crostini with Goat Cheese


Ruth’s “Cook Book”

I’m a cook and not a book reviewer. That said, I just finished “Ruth Reichl’s my kitchen year 136 RECIPES that SAVED MY LIFE” and discovered that we seem to share some similar experiences.

The year in question was October 2009 when “Gourmet,” magazine, where Ruth was Editor in Chief for 10 years, closed down in the blink of an eye. Of course, as per usual that’s what it was like for the staff, not those higher up the food chain.  Just the other day I pulled out that final November ’09 issue and read through it again with pleasure and of course, sadness.

I suppose we assume that if a person has a background and reputation, such as Ruth’s, the job offers would just roll in the door and she wouldn’t have to worry at all about landing another great job.

What I found so touching was how open she was in talking about her feelings of loss, her grief and her fears.

view 29 floorRuth and I are the same age, born in 1948…so do the math.  We are not spring chickens! When on a July afternoon in 2000, my assistant and I were called down to HR…I figured something was up. The bank I worked for had merged with a smaller financial institution earlier in the year.  With the usual re-structuring that takes place at these times, the corporate dining room I had managed and cooked in for 15 years ceased to exist that very afternoon! Unlike Ruth, I was not completely blindsided (that good old gut feeling I sometimes get, had kept my antenna up), still I was not prepared for what was to come either. Nor those damned anxiety dreams!

When I read about the day she went to clear out her office, tears welled up, I just couldn’t help myself. Can you believe it? Almost 16 years have gone by since I left the bank and yet there they were! Once her stuff was packed into boxes she went to the window and looked down at the lights below knowing she would never see the room again. The thing was, I did exactly that very same thing…it was gut wrenching, heart breaking and so painful to turn away and leave behind 15 years of my life and a job that I loved.

Perhaps this is true of most cooks, when as Ruth says she is confused, lonely or frightened she heads into the kitchen to cook. It’s comforting and reassuring getting lost in the process and thinking about what you are cooking rather than can we pay our bills or what the hell am I going to do now at this age???

Back in the mists of time I felt like a bit of an odd-ball having a passion for food and cooking. But now thanks to social media, we are able to have “friends” who are equally as passionate and want to share!  In the acknowledgements at the end of the book Ruth thanks her Twitter friends with “you helped me survive a difficult year. I’m not sure I could have done it without you.”  A classy thing to do and I applaud her for it.

There are times in our lives, when we question ourselves about ourselves! I mean, it is OK to have an obsession/passion for food and cooking?  Yes, yes and yes if it’s what makes you who you are and makes you feel fulfilled and happy. Let’s then allow ourselves to accept and celebrate who we are!  And from what I read in “my kitchen year,” I think we’re in pretty good company!

You can bet I’ll be making some of the 136 “life-saving” recipes of Ruth’s!

View, 29th Floor:  painted by my friend/assistant and artist Yvonne who shared many an evening looking out at this view from our “perch” on the 29th Floor!

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