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Christmas at Number 5

Just a quick little post to show off our lovely “pot-luck” Christmas dinner!

Christmas is about sharing with family but also being with good friends, so it was a pleasure to spend the evening with Andrea and Kevin.  Kevin decided it would be an excellent idea if he were to roast a prime rib using the fabulous Kamado Joe charcoal barbecue.  How can you have roast beef without Yorkies I ask you???  You’ll see from the pics.  they turned out beautifully, light and crisp, just waiting for the Andrea concocted.  And to finish…the crowning glory, Christmas pudding with fluffy brandy-clementine infused sauce…warm pudding and cold sauce…perfect!








I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!
















And I would like to wish you all and happy, healthy and prosperous 2019…Felice Anno Nuovo/Happy New Year!










Pasta Rules!

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me!  Here’s why…

An article I was recently reading in a local magazine included a photo not unlike this one, minus the basil leaf, of white spaghetti topped with a huge dollop of tomato sauce. And as soon as I saw it I had a visceral reaction; not in a good way! It was just plain wrong! There were other lovely photos accompanying the article; a mound of flour on a board with eggs sitting in the centre, just waiting for hands to knead it into pasta dough and another one of pasta dough that had been flavoured with beets, shown being run through the pasta machine with glorious bright pink pasta sheets coming out the other side… so sexy!

Readers may know that I simply adore pasta…and when in Italy, I get to indulge by treating myself almost every day to my favourite food on the planet…the other one is tomatoes! You can ask my husband! So that normally, when I see a picture of well-dressed pasta it makes my mouth water and I instantly start craving some! It’s the only food that has this effect on my senses!

Now us Italophiles know that there are food rules and “thou shall toss your al dente pasta with the sauce adding pasta cooking water to achieve a wonderfully sauced plate of pasta” is an important one!
Was my reaction over the top? What I’m thinking is that slowly, slowly I’ve been embracing Italian food rules. I never thought this would happen to me but…

Ellis Barnstable, a Vancouver based writer, wrote an interesting and fun story about learning to enjoy pasta and how to cook it after growing up in a home where “pasta” was a tin of Chef Boyardee. She had a boyfriend, who had “spent months in Italy,” to teach her. Alarm bells starting ringing when I read that he had cooked angel hair pasta and tossed it with hot Italian sausages, strips of red bell pepper, dried basil, fresh parsley and then topped the whole thing with Parmigiano, instead of the way it’s normally eaten in Italy which is in a broth, or perhaps I made into a sort of custard based flan and baked.

There are good reasons for the pairing of certain shapes of pasta to certain sauces as opposed to others shapes and in this case the angel hair would be completely unable to handle the type of sauce he made. Boyfriend definitely dropped the ball on his pasta choice for this one!

Now I must admit that in the summer when the cherry tomatoes and basil are at their finest, I make an uncooked sauce of them using lots of olive oil, garlic and fresh basil, letting it marinate at room temperature for a few hours which, by then, as the tomatoes exude their juices, the whole thing becomes rather lovely and sort of soupy.  Then when tossed with hot, freshly cooked angel hair it becomes more like a warm salad really.  Utterly delicious! The boyfriend gets points, though not forgiven, for introducing her to Marcella’s Tomato Sauce…you probably know the one, right?  And here I thought I was the only one not to throw away that gorgeous, velvety lump of oniony goodness!

I enjoyed Ellis’ story about her journey a lot. I think I’ve just about gotten over that photo! Well maybe the thought of it still lingers!